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Turks Head, Weymouth

25th Nov, 2020 Wednesday

Winchester Christmas Market

29th Nov, 2020 Sunday

Turks Head, Weymouth

2nd Dec, 2020 Wednesday

Shaftesbury Farmers Market

5th Dec, 2020 Saturday

Turks Head, Weymouth

9th Dec, 2020 Wednesday

Shire Hall, Dorchester

12th & 13th Dec, 2020 Sat & Sun

Nothe Fort, Weymouth

12th & 13th Dec, 2020 Sat & Sun

Turks Head, Weymouth

16th Dec, 2020 Wednesday

Sherborne Farmers Market

18th Dec, 2020 Friday

Ringwood Christmas Market

19th Dec, 2020 Saturday

South Sea Market

20th Dec, 2020 Sunday

Turks Head, Weymouth

23rd Dec, 2020 Wednesday

You will find us at the local Dorset Farmers Markets along side of our sauces, homemade Kimchi, locally grown fresh and dried chillies, toasted Dorset Naga rapeseed oil, sweet chilli sauce with ginger and garlic etc.


Come along and taste our products before you buy and look at our bespoke chilli gift pack.


We will also help with any growing, cooking tips or just a nice "good morning". See you soon.



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