Our Range of Handcrafted Chilli Product


• Naturally fermented, showcasing complex flavours of chilli varieties.

• Using only local, quality and fresh ingredients.

• 50% chillies in every bottle, undiluted with tomato.

• No chilli mash, chilli extract or preservatives.

• Can be used in cooking, marinating, dipping or dressing.

• 220ml bottle is much bigger than most other brands.

• Award winning, truly small batch artisan products!

"This is phenomenal! Real, proper, artisan chilli products made with intelligence for enjoyment. A big plug for a great mate and a cracking product!" Phil Howard michelin star chef 

“The secret is out but you need to be a master to finish the goodness.” Tom Amery, managing director of The Watercress Company, The Wasabi Company and Brace of Butchers.