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We would like to invite you to become a member of our club. Follow the easy steps to exchange your surplus chillies into amazing W51 products. All our sauces are fermented and take time and love to produce. Let us do all the hard work for you!


1. Fill in details, upload chillies photo and submit the form

2. Receive post label from us by email

 3. Mail surplus chillies*

4. Upon receipt we email voucher code to you*

5. Redeem voucher and receive your products & certificate

Mail Surplus

*Please ensure a minimum weight of 1kg chillies and less than 2kg including protective packaging and not able to be crushed. Please keep the proof of postage receipt from post office.


*1kg chillies - £10 voucher

1.5kg chillies - £15 voucher

You can redeem any products on our website. Voucher code can only be used ONCE and expires 3 months from date of issue.

chilli varieties

Please enclose varieties of chillies and photo. We are happy with mixed batches of chillies from medium to super hot. Not including chillies have been frozen, standard peppers or low grade supermarket chillies. We think you know what we mean!


We will be making blended ferments using chilli club members' chillies throughout the season. You will receive a ferment number to keep trace of your chillies, along side with your voucher code via email. Keep an eye on our website/ social media for update information. If you have any larger quantities of great chillies available or know anybody who does and are interested in keeping things British as well as local. Please fill in the form or call the chilli hotline 07942 676675


W51 Chilli Club Form


Please fill in details so we can send you post label!

Thank you for your interest!

A Royal Mail 

post label will

be sent to your email once your photo has been checked.

Upload Chillies Photo

Weymouth 51 reserves the right to make final decision.

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