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What happens when you mix a background in high-end visual merchandising, a chef who’s rubbed whites with the likes of Phillip Howard and Marco Pierre-White and a shared obsession with the tongue-tingling euphoria of a great chilli sauce?


Answer: Weymouth 51, the fiery Dorset-based family business that’s bringing joy, rather than tears, to the chilli sauce game one drop at a time.


Food provenance is Mikka and David’s DNA. Given David’s past as a globetrotting chef and Mikka’s Hong Kong roots means between them they have a well-thumbed recipe book of culinary experiences which they combine with a passion for the local larder that is Dorset.


After moving back to England, David started growing chillies to help with his injury rehabilitation. They ended up with too many chillies and started Weymouth 51. They have never been satisfied by supermarket chilli sauce and not impressed with the vast range of skull and crossbones burn your face off style sauces online which are too insane for most people to enjoy.


They use vintage and natural fermentation methods, the finest sourced local ingredients, no preservatives and vegan friendly. A sauce that you are able to enjoy the layers of flavours as well as the heat. Natural, fruity and aromatic.

With more than 51 varieties of chilli, the possibilities and flavours are endless. With many more adventures to come as the story unfolds, the best part about getting anywhere is the journey!!!




Nov 2020 Issue

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