Dorset Fire Tonic®

We don’t want to sound too smug, but it’s hard to find a magic bottle of goodness that packs the same punchy qualities on its CV as this one.


Produced by us in small batches to ensure bloodhound like attention to detail, using ingredients grown with love on our allotment. Alongside a hitlist of devilishly good local accomplices to complete this tastebud tingling ensemble. Apple cider vinegar made by Dorset Nectar; tangy wasabi grown by The Wasabi Company- less than ten miles away in neighbouring Dorchester. And of course, our county’s favourite heavyweight, The Dorset Naga, grown by its original inventors at Sea Spring Seeds.


More than just an assembly of the finest local ingredients and flavours, our Fire Tonic is a natural health-giver. Great for boosting the immune system, oozing with real raw goodness – it’ll have you running naked along the Weymouth prom!



What’s so good about it?


Apple cider vinegar is a master at reducing infection while it also helps stabilize blood sugar and lower cholesterol levels. This little overachiever is also great for weight loss by encouraging healthy wealthy metabolism.


Meanwhile, drinking lemon juice first thing in the morning gives your body a chance to absorb hard-hitting nutrients like potassium and Vitamin C. Obvious winners here are immune system, weight loss, but also this gives a natural energy kick – so, goodbye morning coffee!


We use our homemade apple and camomile vegan honey. So, no bees. But it still packs the same anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities. It also contains flavonoids which can help reduce the risk of certain cancers and heart disease.


Wasabi is also a great frontman against cancer whilst the mildly flavoured but wonderfully coloured turmeric is proven to act as a fantastic antioxidant.


Top this all off with a killer chilli chaser for joint relief, nerve pain, and an anti-inflammatory vitamin A hit.


Weymouth 51 Fire Tonic - perfect for fighting colds, warding off fever, wrestling inflammation, clouting cancer, and providing a daily kick-start into superhuman health.


Vegan. Bursting with flavour. A bottle of nature’s greatness that does all the boring staying healthy stuff for you.

Dorset Fire Tonic®

  • Lovingly infused for 6 months.

    Boost your immune system daily with a splash of our deliciously punchy health-giving elixir. Packed with prebiotics and probiotics. Made with local ingredients. Using Dorset Nectar, The Wasabi Company and Sea Spring Seeds. Dorset Fire Tonic will make you roar!



    For health: a spoonful to improve vitality.

    For fun: mix into a devious gin and tonic or any cocktail or mocktail. Perfect in salad dressings and marinades too.



    Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Onion, Ginger, Horseradish, Apple, Turmeric Root, Orange, Lemon, Sugar, Garlic, Borage, Lovage, Wasabi Root, Apple Juice, Camomile Tea, Chilli, Cloves, Black Pepper.



    Keep in a cool, dry place. Shake well before use. Once opened consume within 12 months.


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Jack Burrell


Tasting Great


Really impressed by this, you get the chilis and the garlic coming through nicely with the soy adding that little umami loveliness. Great for as a sauce, for dipping, I've been using it as a marinade.

Becca Strawbridge





This product is beautiful! We have enjoyed it on burgers both vege and meat and it’s also amazing with popadoms 👌🏼 Great to be able to support a local business too!



South Molton Devon

Hot is good


Wow a super hot sauce packed with that awesome flavour. Great with everything, so pleased to find this company. Going to have to try the jigsaw next



South Molton Devon



This lemon sherbet sauce is awesome, tasty to the max. Put a teaspoon of this in a simple salad dressing, so good. Will be trying more of theses sauces, so pleased.

John Ross


Sunny Devon

Just try it!


Great taste,great ingredients. Great heat but not out of control as the ad says. Me and a mate have bought more sauce since.

Ross Turnbull



Hot Product


Love my chilli sauces and having tired 3 of yours I think these might be the best. Really hot and yet has a smoothness to them. Also got a smooth grove for free with my order which is tasty and not too hot so my gf could enjoy it without being in a sweat induced chilli state :) will be orderin again




Hardcore chilli


Not for the faint hearted, got to say I like it hot!!! Well this is hot 🔥. Great stuff much better than the off the supermarket shelf hot chilli sauces