Sweet Chilli Sauce/ MEDIUM


Sweet Chilli Sauce/ MEDIUM

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  • A sauce with a difference!!! Huge warming ginger tones, a good kick from habaneros and whatever chillies on hand. Loads of ginger and organic apple cider vinegar. Totally unique and cannot go back to supermarket style sweet chilli sauce. Perfect with any deep fried food, great at the last minute on stir fried or noodles. Or with cheese and cold meats for picnics.


    Taste of the West Judges

    "A lovely sweet aroma. It gives a hint of the depth of chilli flavour to come! A nice bright colour. Great to see the chilli seeds and the sauce looks nice and thick. Feels good in the mouth; hot and spicy. It starts off quite mild but has a hot hit at the end – it’s lovely. Really clean and true chilli flavour and it does exactly what is says on the bottle. This would be good as either an accompaniment or as a cooking ingredient."


    Sugar, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Fresh Chillies, Fresh Ginger, Fresh Garlic, Natural Pectin.



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Becca Strawbridge




This product is beautiful! We have enjoyed it on burgers both vege and meat and it’s also amazing with popadoms 👌🏼 Great to be able to support a local business too!



South Molton Devon

Hot is good

Wow a super hot sauce packed with that awesome flavour. Great with everything, so pleased to find this company. Going to have to try the jigsaw next



South Molton Devon


This lemon sherbet sauce is awesome, tasty to the max. Put a teaspoon of this in a simple salad dressing, so good. Will be trying more of theses sauces, so pleased.

John Ross


Sunny Devon

Just try it!

Great taste,great ingredients. Great heat but not out of control as the ad says. Me and a mate have bought more sauce since.

Ross Turnbull



Hot Product

Love my chilli sauces and having tired 3 of yours I think these might be the best. Really hot and yet has a smoothness to them. Also got a smooth grove for free with my order which is tasty and not too hot so my gf could enjoy it without being in a sweat induced chilli state :) will be orderin again




Hardcore chilli

Not for the faint hearted, got to say I like it hot!!! Well this is hot 🔥. Great stuff much better than the off the supermarket shelf hot chilli sauces


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