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A grown up approach to a wonderful, colourful, exciting and delicious world of chillies.

Simplicity, innocence and honesty are paramount in everything we produce. Our sauces depend on availability, locality, freshness and our demand for producing unique handcrafted products right here in Weymouth. No cheap imitation, white or copy labels. It is all truly handmade with love.

We are a new and enthusiastic company, growing 51 varieties of chillies on land begged or borrowed from friends. After that a natural progression of creativity, sauce making and bottling take place. Weymouth 51 strives to be a front runner every year reaching out to the growing market of passionate food lovers.

Our approach to our recipes ensures creations of exceptional quality. The careful blending of chillies achieve a spicy level of our sauces in balance with prefect flavours. The percentage of fresh chillies in each bottle is second to none.


From Seed...

We use quality seeds for growing. Natural outdoor planting, the use of green houses and poly tunnels along side modern use of hydroponic system give us great variations of growing and keep our demands satisfied. 


We love to try different techniques and also local handpicked seaweed finds its way into our compost. We grow as much as the weather permits us. We have a few locally like minded people who help us with some interesting chillies to work with and provide more than 51 varieties.


Some of the varieties we are growing to include Habaneros, Trinidad 7 Pot Katie, Pink Tiger, Fatalii Jigsaw, Primero Red, Havana Gold, 7 Pot Chocolate Brain Strain, Komodo, Welsh Dragon, Peach Scorpion and many more.


We care about our environment just as much as what we eat!!! 

To Sauce

Our sauces are truly handmade with love with hand written labels. Each bottle is tagged with its own unique number for you to trace it back to the particular batch and recipe it was produced from.

 Flavour and quality are paramount to our brand. Small batch fermentation in different vessels including demijohns allow us to produce sauces with all sort of uniqueness.  Each time we harvest we decide on what kind of sauce can be produced.


We only use natural sea salt, organic apple cider vinegar, spring water, fresh onion, garlic and no preservatives. From fermenting to bottling, we ensure the process is natural and the flavour is wonderful. An enjoyable chilli sauce is created. 


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